The Decent or Marcel Duchamp meets Hieronymus Bosch-
A very large painting by Peter Bardazzi


Miro's Moon 74x80" 2003




Tigers Giving Birth in Eden




sandpaper and mosaic collage



Peter Bardazzi, studio on Lispenard street




Greetings from Peter Bardazzi


Constructivist Study



TB, Marcel Duchamp Decent Into Hell96x60 oil on canvas, 1970
by Peter Bardazzi at The Whitney Museum of American Art


Kurosawa 90x50 - Peter Bardazzi



Pete the Killer



Skull with map of Rome



Chaos in Wonderland 72x84




Zabriski Point - 80x110 by Peter Bardazzi


Andy Warhol painting hanging next to my painting in my apartment





Bone Time 60x90 oil on canvas - Peter Bardazzi






Spiral # 4, 60x90" - Peter Bardazzi




Lispenard Street Studio




Spiral # 2, 60x90" - Peter Bardazzi




Zoom 60x90



A solo exhibition in New York


A solo exhibition in New York



The General 65x92 - Peter Bardazzi







The Pharaoh 65x93 - Peter Bardazzi






Making prints at Brand X




Collage 39x40

Collage 30x40





Drawing 30x40" - Peter Bardazzi



The First Visit 70x80





In front of my painting "Little Egypt" at the Neuberger Museum of Art opening, 2006






China Doll








Pete the Killer
Character study for the "The Caravaggio Police"





Print 30x40" - Peter Bardazzi




Hera in the mud at Troy 70x85 oil on canvas - Peter Bardazzi




Man Ray 1999 - Peter Bardazzi



Odysseus at Troy - 64x86 - Peter Bardazzi





Upside Down Elephant 65x95" - Peter Bardazzi


Whitney Museum of American Art





63x89 - Peter Bardazzi





Studio shot on Broadway






Pope XXX - Peter Bardazzi




Big Pink 62x96 - Peter Bardazzi




Giving a talk at the Brooklyn Museum of Art on Hollywood Goes Digital






Two Devils - 2005




Last Message 65x75 - Peter Bardazzi






The Broadway studio 2005




Ghost in the Pot - painting with rope 80x55 - Peter Bardazzi





The Andy Warhol Party at Xenon. Me rapping to Pontus Hultén Director of Moderna Museum, Stockholm










paper collage





Making collages




Cardboard and Harlequin



My art school, Yale University School of art







Road to Hell #2, 2005, oil on canvas 40x48 - Peter Bardazzi




New York exhibition of paintings






Talking Heads 10x11 - Peter Bardazzi







Giant Squid 25x45 - Peter Bardazzi




Structure, Greed, Chaos, Murder 2006


Godzilla in Love



Come Home - 50x62 - oil on canvas - Peter Bardazzi





Blow Job - oil on paper - 16x12" - Peter Bardazzi





 Alligator  Dreams




My Hearts of Darkness







Fortune - oil on paper, 30x40"





Ladder- large collage



At Brooklyn Museum of Art opening 2001
Instillation and print in Digital Printmaking Today





Island in the Sky - cotton collage



Candy Bullets






Executive Producer

Fab Five Freddy, Keith Harring, Edit DeAk
and Futura visiting my studio on Lispenard street.


Pam, Brooklyn Museum of Art Director Arnold Lehman
and me at the opening of a print show that included my work .



"My painting at the Human Concern/Personal Torment: The Grotesque in American Art show,"
a survey of often violent representational art, in 1968, Whitney Museum




The Falling Man

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