With my Kurosawa painting in the Bushwick studio.


"The Underground Circus" on the left.



"The Message"



Studio with "Saint Sebastian" on the left. Bushwick Brooklyn.



"Dance of the Seven Veils" in the Bushwick studio.






Between two neo-futurist paintings




More coming soon, just started this.

"Holy BOS" exhibition 2012



Whitney Museum of American Art. My large painting "The Descent" on the right.



Neo-Futurist, Decsent and Caligraphic Abstractions



Recent exhibition of some the "Beastuary" painting, 2012


Broadway studio 2002





Brooklyn Museum installation 2001. Work on center and right.


Talking with Arnold Lehman, Director of the Brooklyn Museum with our print project on the left.



ART-ZINE, group show, glass room installation. 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan 2011



Fab Five Freddy, Keith Haring, Edit DeAk and Futura 2000 in Peter Bardazzi's studio circa 1980.



The notorious Holy Bos exhibition, 2012, Bushwick Brooklyn.




8th annual Arts in Bushwick BENEFIT and BOS preview at theStorefront Ten Eyck Gallery


Opening Bushwick BENEFIT and BOS preview ...hundreds of guests. Storefront Ten Eyck Gallery


Having a comic surreal interview with Lisa Levy at the Storefront Ten Eyck Gallery




The drawing above represents the map of the universe and your way home, created by some of the people who visited my studio during Bushwick Open Studios 2014. The and concept was created by Asayo Mogi Bardazzi. The participating artists were: Aedan C. Roberts, Bridget Long, Beverly Fiesth, A. Litsa, Spencer, Tammy G, Jarone W, David P, Kyle S, Jonathan Santiago, Jeffrey Stoeke, Karen Liu, Liz Milano, Liya Liu, Linidona S, Jordan Eismont, Lauren Kim, William Simari, Jade & Damian, Matthew Jarry, Wanlu Li, Colette Aliman, Jessica Saesue, Ryan Lakritz, Rachel Cantrell, Asayo Mogi Bardazzi, Peter Bardazzi .

...more to come, stay tuned...

Group exhibition at the Brooklyn Fire Proof Gallery during Exchange Rate Expo. 2014



Group exhibition at the Brooklyn Fire Proof Gallery during Exchange Rate Expo. 2014

Exhibition curator, Asayo Mogi Bardazzi. Great installation of new work and paintings form previous periods.


It was a small but beautiful show. Visitors had a great time.


Thanks for coming.