TV and news interviews of Peter Bardazzi
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The San Diego Union-Tribune, 2007 - Success of Mexican directors has deep roots by James Hebert

The San Diego Union-Tribune, 2006 - Eyes on the prize by James Hebert

The New York Times, 2006 - Burying Private Ryan by David Halbfinger

Gameasutra Online Magazine, 2006 - SIGGRAPH: Art School Or Trade School? by Jill Duffy

UPI International - Waging Online Propaganda Warfare by Gene J. Koprowski

The Washington Post - From a Virtual Shadow, Messages of Terror by Ariana Eunjung Cha

New York Magazine - Field of Dreams

CBS News - '70s TV Gets Silver Screen Revival By David Germain

FOX News - Here We Go Again at the Movies by Marla Lehner

MSNBC - ‘Passion’ poised to continue climbing

CNN - Movie sets record for films with Wednesday debut by the Associated Press

USA Today - 'Passion' poised to continue climbing - Executive Producer

USA Today - Scary, scary night by Scott Bowles

Millimeter Magazine - What CADA Did Last Summer by Kristinha McCort

The Scotsman News - M. Night Shyamalan

Buffy vs Angel Forum - Joss Whedon praises M. Night Shyamalan

Business Week ZAP! SPLAT! SMARTS? by Neil Gross

The Age - Modona, the fading star by Joan Anderman

The Denver Post - Cinematic silk purses Hollywood portrayals of historical women - Salma Hayek

The Boston Globe - This might be too big a Gap for Madonna to bridge By Joan Anderman

The Washington Post - From a Virtual Shadow, Messages of Terror Ariana Eunjung Cha

Mew York Magazine - Night Life, field of dreams

The Oakland Tribune - This might be too big a Gap for Madonna to bridge By Joan Anderman

Los Angles Times - Count on Johnny Depp to deliver eccentricity by Steven Rosen

The New York Times - IDEAS & TRENDS; Burying Private Ryan

The Chronicle of Higher Education - Projects in Hell by Jennifer Jacobson

The New York Times - archives

The New York Times- BULLETIN BOARD


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TV and Radio Interviews of Peter Bardazzi


CBS News, CBS Evening News (6:30 PM ET) - August 7, 2004, Propaganda explosion on the Internet causes concern and is under investigation by the FBI


CBS Evening News, August 7, 2004, Saturday, CBS, Television, Network

NBC News Today - NBC, March 3, Success of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ"

MSNBC News Live, March 3, 2004, MSNBC, Cable, National Cable, ... movie was awesome

Fox In The Morning, July 9, 2003, WDRB-TV, Television, Local TV, marketing ploy

Good Day Atlanta, July 8, 2003, Tuesday, WAGA-TV, Television, Local TV, marketing ploy.

Fox News, July 8, 2003, WDRB-TV, Television, Local TV, "a gimmick"

Fox News At Noon, July 8, 2003, Tuesday, WFLD-TV

Fox 29 Morning News, July 8, 2003, Tuesday, WFLX-TV, Graphic - Statement

Fox Wake Up News, July 8, 2003, WITI-TV, "a gimmick"

Fox News At Five, July 8, 2003, Tuesday, WITI-TV, Television, Local TV, "about the comic"

Eight Is News This Morning, July 8, 2003, WJW-TV comic books and movies

Good Day New York: First Edition, July 8, 2003, WNYW-TV

Good Day Tampa Bay, July 8, 2003, Tuesday, WTVT-TV

Fox Morning News, July 8, 2003, WXIX-TV

Your World With Neil Cavuto, July 7, 2003, Monday, Fox News Channel

News On The Hour, June 12, 2003, CNN Radio Network, Television, National Radio, studio interview

Up To The Minute, June 10, 2003, CBS, Television

CBS Atlanta News This Morning, June 10, 2003, WGCL-TV, Movie Watching

Action News At Ten, June 10, 2003, WUAB-TV, "the effect is huge"

CBS Evening News, CBS, June 9, 200 Study finds teen smoking may be influenced by smoking seen in movies, DAN RATHER "film historians like Peter Bardazzi say limiting smoking..."

CBS Evening News, CBS, June 9, 2003, " film historians like Peter Bardazzi say limiting artistic freedom"

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